Top tips to improve your EPC rating

In order for your property to achieve the best rating possible, there are a number of measures which you can take prior to the EPC assessment, which are low cost and easy to install



A quick and easy way to improve your EPC rating is to replace any existing halogen or non-Low Energy Lighting with low energy light. Compact Fluorescent Light’s (CFL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are simple and fairly low cost to install. 


Loft Insulation

The current recommended loft insulation depth is at least 270mm of insulation laid at the joists.  This is also inexpensive and simple to install and has a big impact on the EPC rating.


Wall Insulation

If your property has cavity walls, a filled cavity will ensure a higher rating.  You may even qualify for free cavity wall insulation.  Visit for more information.

Water Cylinder Insulation/thermostat

Increasing the depth of insulation around your water cylinder and adding a thermostat is straightforward and cost effective.

Heating Controls

Installing heating controls such as a Room Thermostat, Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and a Boiler Programmer will also have a positive impact, although a slightly more costly measure.