What does an EPC involve?

I will visit your property to carry out the EPC survey, which usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the property.  During this assessment I will note the following:


Construction type

In order to determine the construction of the property I will look at exterior walls and note any evidence of retro fitted insulation, such as cavity wall insulation.  I will also measure wall thickness where possible.



I will need access to all rooms within the property and I will count light fittings and any low energy bulbs. 


Heating system and controls

I will examine the heating system to determine the main type of heating, e.g gas boiler, electric heating, ASHP.  Heating controls, thermostats and radiator valves will also be noted.  Finally I will look at any other heating, such as gas fires, coal fires and wood burners, and also water heating.



During the survey I will establish the type of glazing within the property, where possible noting the age of glazing and measuring the glazing gap in double glazed windows. If there is an unusual number of windows in the property I will also need to measure each window.



I will inspect any loft space if there is access, in order to check loft insulation. The current recommendation is to have 270mm of loft insulation laid at the joists. I will also try to establish what type of wall divides the property from next door if this applies.  I carry a ladder so there is no requirement for you to provide one.


Property Size

During the survey, I will take a number of measurements including the height of the main rooms on each floor and the dimensions of your property and sketch a plan of the property.



I will take photographs of the various elements that have been surveyed and some photographs of the outside of your property.  The photographs taken are for the purposes of audits which all assessors have to submit regularly, in order to maintain industry standards.


Producing the EPC

Once all of the information has been collected the data is entered into a bespoke software package and the certificate is produced which gives an energy rating The values of the rating are between A (Outstanding) and G (Very poor). The certificate will also include recommendations on how you can increase the energy efficiency of your home and therefore save money on fuel bills.  Once this is lodged, it will be available on the EPC register.  I will email you a copy of your certificate within 24 hours of the survey being carried out.